How to get your Ontario security guard license. (A step by step guide to becoming a security guard)

Are you interested in a law enforcement career or considering changing jobs? No matter what your reason is, getting your Ontario security guard license can lead to many exciting career opportunities.

Step 1: Complete the basic security guard training

The first step to getting your Ontario security license is to sign up and complete the basic security training course. Only businesses that have been approved by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services are allowed to provide this training.

It takes approximately 40 hours to complete and is broken up into 32.5 hours of material and 6.5 hours of first-aid & CPR training. Before your training center can issue a training completion number you must have a valid first -aid training certificate.

Once you've completed the training, you'll be given your training completion number (TCN) which is used to book your exam with the Ministry.

Step 2: Writing the Ontario security guard exam

With your TCN, head over to to book your test. The exam includes 60 multiple choice questions that cover all 12 sections in your training course. A minimum grade of 62% (37/60) must be achieved to pass.

Ontario security guard exam details.

Cost: $$66.50 plus tax for a total of $75.15.

Location: In-person at select DriveTest centers or online proctored by invigilators to prevent cheating.

Duration: 90 minutes

Step 3: Applying for your Ontario security guard license

After you've passed the security guard exam, you'll be allowed to apply for your license. To submit an application, you'll need a OneKey account (ServiceOntario account). To complete the application you will need;

  • A passport style photo to be used as your license picture,

  • 2 pieces of valid government issued ID,

  • Signed guarantor form, and

  • consent to a criminal record check.

The cost of your security guard license is $80 and it will expire 3 birthdays from the date of issue. Prior to 2020, security guard licenses had to be renewed every 2 years, but has now been increased to every 3 years.

Once your application is approved, you'll be issued a digital license that you can print and keep with you until yours arrives in the mail.

Once you have your digital license you're ready to begin your new career. If you're looking for any security guard job opportunities, check out our careers tab and apply. Better yet, if you've done your security guard training with us and there is an opening, just call to schedule an interview.

3 steps to getting your Ontario security guard license

  1. Complete the basic security guard training course.

  2. Pass the Ontario security guard exam.

  3. Apply for your license.

Free Security Guard Training

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