How much does private security cost? (What to look for when hiring security guard service)

A big misconception is that private security costs to much or is hard to hire. When in reality the hourly cost of security is just about the same as hiring a plumber or an electrician. But not all security guard companies provide the same service or charge a fair rate.

In this short blog, we’ll explain what the average cost of security is in Ontario and what those service fees should include. This article is intended to help provide a little more education for purchasers, so that you can make sure you get the exact service you need.

The cost of private security can range based on job requirements, travel, and many other factors. Most security services are charged at an hourly rate; however, some companies prefer to charge by the job. In my opinion, as a customer you should request an hourly rate. Since there may be some scheduling changes and you don’t want to end up paying for services you don’t get.

In Ontario, the average cost of security guard service is around $25 an hour. With the majority ranging between $23.25 to 26.75. Anything less than this may be a result of inexperience of the agency, and anything more, the agency may be providing additional services that you don’t really need.

An experienced security provider will already know all the costs associated for your project, such as fuel expenses, special holiday rates, travel expenses and others. Which is why if you receive a quote that is far below the others, you can guess they’re probably a newer company that may not have the experience needed.

To make sure you’re getting the best service available, we recommend reviewing at least 3-5 service proposals. This way you can compare rates and see who is able to provide you the best fitting service for your needs.

Ask for a service fee breakdown.

Any professional security guard company will not hesitate to provide you a breakdown of their service fee. As a client you should know exactly how and where your money is being used.

Typically, private security companies that pay higher wages can provide better service. So, if a company is charging you $30/hour, but are only paying their staff $14.75/hour; od’s are those security staff are underpaid and will most likely put less effort in.

What should be included with your service fee.

Included in your service fee should be electronic reporting and it should be at no additional

cost. With the amount of security guard patrol software’s available today and with how cost effective they can be; there is no reason that your security guard provider cannot offer this to you at no additional charge.

Since security guards use their own vehicles quite often for shelter or to patrol with, they should also be compensated for it. So, before you sign the contract, make sure that the fee they provided you includes all additional charges.

A common practice amongst many security guard companies is to provide an additional clause which includes a price increase during winter months. This additional money is usually given directly to the guard for the added fuel consumption to keep the heat going.

Lastly, all clients should at least be able to receive proof of services completed. This can be done with patrol scan points, clocking in at a location or some other way that provides proof of service. If you have no way of knowing whether your security in on site or what they’re doing, you should consider a new service provider.

As of 2019, there are more than 2,000 registered security & investigation companies in Ontario alone. So, no matter what, there is no shortage of services available. If your service provider is not meeting or exceeding your expectations, it never hurts to get a second quote.

Thank you for taking the time to finish this blog. It really does mean a lot to our writers. We hope it was able to shed some more light on the cost of private security and maybe you learned something new. Anyways, check out some of our other blog content if you found this informative or join our mailing list to be notified of new content.

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