How hiring a private security guard service can improve your hotel and guest experience.

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Did you know that having a professional security presence at your hotel can greatly improve your guests experience and increase the number of repeat customers.

In this blog, we'll explain how this works and help you evaluate your current security guard service to see if any improvements can be made.


Before we begin, let's discuss how to make sure your dealing with a professional security guard company first.

Any security guard service that is worth investing your money and effort into, should be able to provide you these 3 things at minimum.

  • Some type of patrol or service verification system.

  • Electronic reports for every guard on duty.

  • Professionally dressed and equipped staff.

If they cannot, you should consider speaking with another security guard company.


Now let's start with the security guards appearance. Guests will feel more comfortable if they see a security guard who looks friendly and approachable, rather than intimidating or unwelcoming.

Happy security guard with a smile

As a security guard, it's their responsibility to make sure that the guests feel like they can ask for help if needed. A simple smile and hello goes a long way.

Along with being friendly, a security guard must also dress and act professionally while on duty. By having your security guards actively patrolling the premises, you show your guests that you care about their well being during their visit with you.

This doesn't mean that your security guards must be patrolling for their entire shift. If the property is not too large, 1 patrol every half hour is reasonable. Also having a few different patrol routes that cover different areas each patrol, increases the visibility of your security team.

How well do your security guards handle incidents?

angry male dealing with a hotel security incident.

The most common incident that all hotels experience is undoubtedly noise complaints. Either one guest has had too much to drink or there is a party in one of the rooms. The way the security guard handles each situation can make or break your business.

As soon as your security guard is informed of an incident, they should attend as quickly as possible to investigate.

If the complaint is valid then your security guard should speak with the individual(s) and resolve the issue without disrupting other guests.

Sometimes it's as simple as informing the guest on the hotel polices and asking them to cooperate, or things may escalate to a point where the guest must leave the property. No matter what happens, your security guards should be capable of handling all situations.

One of the best ways of gaining compliance is through communication. By educating the noisy guests on hotel policies and explaining the future consequences of continued actions will normally be enough to get cooperation.

Even a guest that is angry about being unable to sleep from the loud noise, will turn into a satisfied customer if they notice the problem was handled in a professional, fair and timely manor.


Whether you have your own in-house security guards or you have hired a security guard service agency, here are somethings to keep in mind when evaluating your security current security team.

  1. Is your security staff friendly and approachable?

  2. Do your security guards patrol on a constant basis?

  3. Are your security guard capable of handling incidents in a professional manor?

  4. Does your security staff provide you with shift reports?

  5. Can your security guard company guarantee services in some way?

  6. Do your security guards complete a post room inspection once a guest is removed?

  7. Does your security staff have a set of post orders to follow and help in emergencies?

  8. Are your security guards comfortable in handling escalating situations?

  9. Do your security staff have a professional and legal uniform?

  10. Are your security guards equipped with the tools needed for the job?

Hotel security guard service by Ontario Provincial Security Services

As a hotel manager, you want to make sure your security guard service is ready and capable of handling the individual challenges that comes with securing a hotel. At Ontario Provincial Security Services, our security guard staff have the right experience and training to make sure your guests and facility are always safe and protected.

If you want to speak about your security needs or have a security audit done of your hotel, please visit us at or message us at and we'd be happy to help.

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