Construction Site Security


From the moment you break ground,


up until your project is completed...

Global Protection Service will make sure your jobsite is secure and protected at all times. 


Our services paired with our security patrol technology will ensure that your project runs on time and without delay from criminal activity.

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24 hour security or after hour services available.

Whether you need 24 hour security guard service, or only require after hour service, we're available when you need us the most. 


Benefits of having security guards for your construction site.

Installing motion lights and security cameras are a great deterrent against theft and vandalism, however, it cannot compare the abilities of a professional security guard. 

Security guards are able to immediately intervene and stop or minimize damages done by criminal activity. 

We're more than just jobsite security.

At Global Protection Service we've always been willing to do more for our clients than any our competitors. 

Site information and post order creation.

Before services start, we complete a full security audit to determine any potential security threats. This also allows us to identify important patrol points to ensure maximum coverage during patrols. 

As our management staff create your personalized site orders, our operations teams will select the best guards based on experience and site requirements. 

Service implementation and guard selection.

Based on your security requirements, we have security guards ready and available to protect your construction project.

In order for us to select the best security guards, we take into consideration each applicants previous experience and knowledge regarding construction security. Each guard is then trained so they meet the Global Protection Service standards.

On-going service management.

Our operations team, which is inclusive of all management and supervisory staff are responsible for making sure  services are completed in a professional manner and up to the standards that our clients have come to expect.

With our security patrol software, you'll always know what's happening on your site and get immediate notification of any incidents that occur. This way you can rest easy knowing your jobsite security is securing your most valuable assets.